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Thanks²: Election Day

Posted by Moe Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Todays Thanks² photo--
a practice in gratitude created
by my friend Beth
. Join us! 
Today, I'm thankful for the right to vote. It may seem cheesy, especially in the midst of an election that we're all ready to be over and done with. But the reality is, we are blessed, lucky, fortunate. Look at the world. There are numerous countries--dictatorships and democracies alike--where there is no right to vote, or where that vote virtually counts for nothing. Look at Sudan, Syria or other countries locked in traps of civil war--people are being bombed, shot down, murdered by their own government and they have little or no power to stop it. And if there are elections, long-ruling dictators are consistently re-elected through the one thing that citizens can depend on--corruption. Sure, there's corruption here in the USA. But nothing like what so many of our brothers and sisters throughout the world have to deal with. 

In "these hard economic times", it's easy to think that our vote is worthless, counts for little or nothing. Our bizarre electoral college system doesn't seem to make sense. Our belief that the average citizen has no power, that only the rich "1%" or the politicians can make change. The unfortunate situation that when it really comes down to election day, we're not voting for what we actually want, but rather simply the lesser of two evils. And yet. We are among the most blessed in the world. 

So whether or not you vote today or ever, be thankful. Allow yourself to feel a great sense of patriotism today. Whether or not your candidate wins, rest in the reality that regardless of policy changes or party shifts, we are free people in a free nation where our rights are respected more than we can understand. 

Whether or not you vote today or ever, vote with your life every day. My good friend John explained to me the other day that he doesn't vote on paper in polling places, but he votes with his words, action, decisions every moment of his life. 

I'd also like to share this phenomenal article that was published in the Kansas City Star last week written by one of the elders at my church, Jacob's Well. Great words on unity during election season.

On a final lighter note, for some election day laughs, fast forward to 1:30 in this 2008 SNL video in anticipation of tonight's election reporting (SNL reminds me of another thing we should be thankful for....not only that we can vote and choose our leaders, but we can also blatantly and publicly make fun of said leaders with no consequence!):