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Thanks² Days 1-11 and the Gimme Some Blog Empire

Posted by Moe Monday, November 12, 2012

For the second year in a row, my good friend Beth has inspired the masses to give thanks via Instagram photography every day during the month of November. It's a fun and eye-opening practice that I was so excited about this year, that on Halloween Day I kept thinking "Oh man I can't wait for tomorrow when Thanks² starts!"

So my photos have been steadily hitting my Instagram feed along with other random shots, but I thought I'd collect them here to see all at once. So here's the past 11 days worth of photos, and I hope to post them daily for the rest of the month, sometimes with an anecdote or two.

In other news, I want to share about a new "blog empire", as I'm referring to it, that I'm very excited about. Most likely you've already visited Gimme Some Oven at some point in the past three and half years if you have any interest in cooking/baking/making food. Well, GSO founder and blogger Ali Ebright, a friend of mine, has expanded her blog to include four other blogs--two of which are authored by my aforementioned friend Beth (gimmesomereads.com) and dear friend Sarah (gimmesomefilm.com). The initial posts are beautiful, inspiring, and fun and I'm excited to have new blogs to follow. Check it out!

thanks², day 1:

for the kind of friend who invites you to her heated pool on the first day of November to make you feel better after a long sickness. Also for friends with heated pools :)

thanks², day 2:
for the means to enjoy beautiful evenings out with wonderful friends

thanks², day 3:

for new beginnings

Double #thanks2 today because I can't not share my gratitude for book club. Such an incredible group of women who have all become among my closest friends

thanks², day 4:
for this one

thanks², day 5:
for my quiet day off each Monday. So nice to be off on a day when few others are, makes for hearty solitude.

thanks², day 6:
for the right to vote (see previous post for more on that...)

thanks², day 7:
for these two friends

thanks², day 8:
for an organization full of people who have formed, changed and supported me from age 13 until now. Love you people @mikedking @rayzuercher @moshields @jeanettethomas and more

thanks², day 9:

for those friends who, even when it's been six months, provide the most life-giving conversation and reconnection

thanks², day 10:

for my youngest and tiniest friend, Ehler Pine...and a free Saturday night to babysit her!

thanks², day 11:
for breaking bread and telling stories, especially with @johnraux

See following posts for the rest of the month!


bet(h) said...

yay! i love seeing your pictures each day! :)

Sarah said...

Such a rush of thankfulness : ) Love it.