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Again, For the Very First Time

Posted by Moe Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tonight, I'm feeling sentimental. Tomorrow, I will fly to Kenya, traveling to Africa for the first time in four years. And in a way, traveling there for the first time with a true sense of purpose, passion and excitement. This will be my fourth time to the African continent, and yet it feels very, very different. As Toby often mocks movie trailers of films being re-released, this trip feels like it is "again, but for the very first time."

This will be my first time to Africa since......
...We got married
...I finished my master's degree in African Studies
...We bought a house
...I got an awesome full-time job that for the first time in years makes me NOT want to move to Africa
...Toby got an awesome full time job that for the first time in years makes him not want to move to Africa
...We got a second cat (ha ha, sorry...no that doesn't really have any impact, just had to throw it in)
...I've become obsessed with "good aid vs. bad aid" and determined to enact that passion anywhere I go
...Many of my friends have traveled there and back leaving me full of envy. :)

I'm so honored to be visiting Kenya on behalf of my church, Jacob's Well. You can learn more about why we're going and what we're doing by listening to the sermon audio under June 24 here. But for now--it's late, and my flight to good ol' Africa leaves first thing in the morning. But since I've blogged so little over the past few years, and yet this has been a place of commemoration for me in general, I felt compelled to mark the occasion in this space.
And, to mark it on a very special day--Toby & I's third wedding anniversary. Africa is what brought us together in the first place, when a friend saw our mutual interest and enduringly suggested we meet, so to depart on this trip on our anniversary is particularly meaningful.
So, wish us the best--may we be transformed, may we transform. Miserere nobis. Lord have mercy on us.