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I've been a bit lax on the ol' blog posting lately, despite all of the news that is worthy of reporting. In this post, we'll cover the following topics:

1. We moved
2. U2 show
3. Incredible sculpture(s) at the Nelson-Atkins/Bloch
4. South Sudan Independence and also some bad news
5. Advances in the world of techmology & social networking

1. We Moved. Of course you already know this because it is the one thing I actually have mentioned recently on this blog. On Saturday I painted our mailbox and house numbers bright yellow to match my ceramic lion sculpture that Toby got for me shortly after we got married (which was previously just stone-colored, but of course I had to spray paint it!). The interiors are [mostly] painted and all the decor is almost in place. We own a lawnmower and two garage-door openers. And of course, the house came with a token stray cat to ensure that Lucinda will continue to go nuts on a daily basis. Aiyaa.

2. I, along with three lovely ladies, Sarah, Sara, and Malina, was third row at the recent U2 360 show in St. Louis, MO. If you've long followed my blog, you may recall that the very earliest days of this blog started with a similar experience, of which the title of the blog post is purely humiliating to me but I can't avoid it (it's been six years, so give me a break!). Anyway we were equally close on July 17 at Busch Stadium due to the commitment of waiting in line for approximately 13.5 hours from the time we got in line until U2 actually took the stage. And yes, it was hot as hell. But it was worth it. My favorite part of the night was the encore of "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" which involved no less than Bono swinging on a microphone that hung from above while wearing a jacket made out of laser-pointers. Check out the video below of the same performance from another show (fast forward to about the 2-minute marker to skip the video intro if you like). Or check out some of my pics from the show here.

3. Kansas Citians, have you seen THIS?!?!?

I literally dropped the f-bomb out of pure shock and awe the other night driving down Cleaver II Blvd when I caught a glimpse of this sculpture. It. Is. Unbelievable. There are models of many similar sculptures in the Bloch Building through the end of August, but we are honored to have the real deal outside in the sculpture yard permanently. It's been up since April and somehow I haven't seen it until now. Find out some info on the artist, Roxy Paine, and the process here.

4. Many Congratulations to South Sudan on celebrating its independence from Sudan on July 9. It's been a long time coming and I pray that the growth of the world's newest nation will be positive, sustainable, and peaceful.

Meanwhile, please pray for the area of South Kordofan, home to our beloved Nuba Mountains which I've spoken of often. This area of Sudan has seen incredible violence over the past month or so. Innocent civilians are being bombed, killed, run out of their homes, and worse. It is said that if intervention doesn't occur soon, Sudan will yet again find itself amidst another genocide. If you have a moment, please head over to the Enough Project and send a quick message to President Obama to encourage action in this area (it will only take a minute - the letter is written for you if you wish). If for nothing else, do it for me on behalf of our friends in Nuba. Thanks.

5. Google Plus! Spotify! Techmology!
Okay Google+ is pretty great - while it's little used now by the masses, I look forward to the day that it replaces Facebook entirely. While I use facebook often, it kind of makes me mad. With Google+, you can easily post information only to certain "circles" of friends - groups who you designate as actual friends, acquaintances, people you haven't spoken to in 20 years, etc. It's got some other great features as well, so if you don't have an invitation to it yet then leave me a comment and I'll send you one.

Same thing with Spotify - amazing! Spotify is a brilliant combination of Amazon Cloud (which I
quickly got over when I realized it was literally going to take 4 weeks to upload all my music to) and the old-school Napster. With Spotify, you can listen to pretty much any music you want from online free of charge. Yes, there are advertisements to pay for this "free" listening. But it's like having every thing in your iTunes library, all the time! Recently, I just added almost everything from my recent "Music To Buy" list to my Spotify playlists just like that, and listening now with only a few commercial breaks over the course of several hours. It's really something. Additionally you can connect with friends via facebook (and hopefully eventually Google+!) in order to share playlists and music suggestions. Pretty sweet. Request an invite here.

All right, that's my top 5 for this month, party peoples. In fact I think I'll start a Top 5 series. That will motivate me to at least post once a month! Doing it. Just like that.