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My home of the past six years, this place has been as much of a home to me as the house I grew up in. And now it's time to say goodbye. I've lived on both levels with a total of 25* people and 8 pets, crawled through the attic trying to rescue my cat, been spied on by raccoons from the neighbors roof, worn out at least four cheap DVD players, watched a ton of BRAVO (mostly with Rachel & Christina), written a lot of research papers (which resulted in a master's degree!), gone from single to married, from job to job (the first of which at YouthFront being my initial connection to the house), and so much more all in this one place.

But now Toby and I have bought a house in midtown, so it's time to say goodbye to the 315 and the Old Northeast. I adore the Northeast and am sad to say goodbye. Quick drives down to City Market, bike rides on Cliff Drive, mornings at Happy Gillis, crazy visits to Dr. Swoope--the "Dr. Huxtable of Vets" down on Independence Ave--all of these have become so important to me over the years and I will not fail to return and revisit them even though I'll be farther away. Not to mention, the best landlords EVER - Mike & Michelle. A huge thanks for all of their grace, generosity, provision, and friendship over the years. They're fantastic and you should let them be your landlords too (I heard they have a place available starting in July in the Old Northeast). :)

As I've reflected over my years in this house recently, it occurred to me that I've lived with an excessive number of roommates and housemates during my time here. It's insane how much of a revolving door this place has been! But it's been all for good and I've made such great friends and so many connections through all of my random roommates (including the welcoming of my dearest furry friend, Lucinda, who was taken in by Kristin who lived with me in 2007).

There have been so many in fact that I decided to create a visual aid. I know, it's totally ridiculous that I did this but let's just say I've got a little extra time on my hands these days. The blue line through the center represents my six years. All of those listed on top are the upstairs apartment, and underneath the downstairs. The change in hue on my line shows when I got married and moved from the upstairs to the downstairs, taking Lucinda with me and adding Toby. If you want to view it larger and clearer, head over to my Flickr page.

So there you have it. My history at the best house in all of Pendleton Heights. Soon I'll post a few pics of our new home in midtown. But for now - it's time to keep packing and hopefully have time to sit on the porch one last time.

*Amended from 24, not reflected in the chart. After posting this chart on facebook, I was reminded by one former roommate that I actually forgot someone! Sorry, Klarisa of 2008!


Amanda Loughlin said...

I seem to remember a fish or two. Fred and Ginger. Unit A. Or do they count? Congrats, friend! Here's to new memories at the new house!