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Election Day

Posted by Moe Saturday, January 08, 2011 Labels: , , , ,

It's happening, people. In about 8 hours, the people of Southern Sudan will hit the polls. Most likely, the world will soon birth a new nation as they vote for independence from Sudan. Crazy stuff.

What will happen to Southern Sudan as an independent nation? They are a land with little infrastructure, no roads outside of the major cities, extremely high poverty and extremely low literacy. The US, UN, and others have committed to helping them along the way, but what will that help look like? Will it be the right kind of help? Will it be sustainable? Or even more, will the Southern Sudanese government put it to good use or allow it to dissipate into corruption?

What will happen in Abyei? In the Nuba Mountains...the areas that reside just north of the Southern Sudan/Sudan border, that are overflowing with people who are ethnically and religiously like the South, but who will politically and economically remain a part of the North. Will they become even more marginalized than they already are? Will conflict break out there over the remaining oil land that will be left within Sudanese borders once the South breaks away?

Men at market in Nuba Mountains, Sudan, near Kororak village, December 2009.

Oh, and what the heck is CHINA going to do about any of this?! They're the ones extracting most of the oil from these disputed areas and have become notorious for destroying the land and having little regard for the surrounding communities.

Oh and you know how I feel about President al-Bashir, still in power under an international indictment for genocide and crimes against humanity. Recently it came out that he's been embezzling Sudanese money, millions of dollars over a number of years. Shocker. He did tell Al-Jazeera that he's likely to step down after the end of his current term in four years, but that means nothing considering the amount of damage he has the power to do in that time period.


I haven't posted in a long time, and this weekend the people of central Sudan are very much on my mind as they are bound to be abandoned, in a sense, by governments on both sides of them. So I present this post full of mostly questions and tidbits, in hopes that it will at the least lead us to pray for peace in Sudan and take any action possible. Of course, results forthcoming over the next few days, stay posted at your favorite major international news source in the meantime. Additionally, check out this wealth of information on the situation in Sudan at large via Al-Jazeera here.