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His Voice building orphanage #4!

Posted by Maureen Thursday, November 04, 2010 Labels: , , ,

I'm very excited to share that my friends Amber & Vernon, founders of His Voice Global (formerly His Voice For Sudan) are in the process of fund-raising to build their fourth orphanage in Southern Sudan!  This is very exciting news, considering the high numbers of children left parent-less after the civil war and still due to the extreme poverty in Sudan.

Currently, they are looking to raise $125,000 for the building costs, $100,000 for a third truck for the Lion of Judah trucking company and $24,000 for half of the first years operating costs. By allocating the funds in this manner the orphanage will be self-sustaining within a year of it’s doors being open.  This orphanage (like all of the others) will provide food, clothing, shelter, education, discipleship and medical care for 100 orphans and 42 indigenous staff members (15 of which are widows) and a meal a day as well as education for an additional 110 village children.

His Voice has also helped to create a trucking company (linked above). The company consists of two trucks that help to transport goods all over Sudan and Uganda. Lion of Judah is a fully registered company in Sudan and Uganda. If war were to break out in Sudan, the trucks could continue to generate revenue in Uganda to run the orphanages. With each orphanage that we raise funds for, part of the cost will go towards another truck that will provide the complete overhead cost of the orphanage.

I'm so proud of His Voice and how they have implemented the trucking company to make the orphanages sustainable.

In a few weeks, the Actions Speak Louder campaign is going to kick off to help raise funds for the fourth orphanage in Southern Sudan - the campaign was inspired by a group who recently went to Sudan with His Voice, which resulted in a song recording by the same name.  I'll be blogging about it again when the campaign kicks off, as well as linking to the single via Collision Records that you can download with all proceeds benefiting the fourth orphanage!  So, in the meantime, check out more about His Voice (or go ahead and donate), and stay tuned!