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Genoshop: African Crafts & Textiles

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, November 06, 2010 Labels: , , , ,

I'd like to introduce you to Genoshop, an online business that specializes in African crafts and textiles handmade by women in Northern Uganda. Genoshop was created by my friend Emmanuel Ekochu, in partnership with Awava.  Geno's goal is to promote the empowerment of African women by selling and marketing their local African crafts and textiles, in the belief that social and economic change for the most impoverished people in Africa begins with the empowerment of women.  (See this video for some inspiration behind that.)

I bought a gorgeous handbag from Genoshop recently and adore it!  It's bright, unique, well made, one-of-a-kind, and the perfect size for my daily outings!

Photo by Toby, resident Fashion Photographer.
Genoshop has many different sizes and fabrics in handbags (this style is called Kibegabega), as well as some incredible jewelry that I hope to be wearing myself very soon.

Please consider Genoshop this season as you begin to consider Christmas gifts, or simply if you need a new handbag (don't we ALWAYS need a new handbag, ladies?).  It's a great way to support a sustainable, fair-trade business in Africa, and to receive something in return that's totally unique and beautiful.

Oh hey, and here's another way to do the same thing, though it may seem out of season (I'm kicking myself for not posting about this over the summer!): SSEKO SANDALS.  I bought a pair of Ssekos this past summer and adore them - also handmade by young women in Uganda, helping them to pay for their first year of college! It's a great program that I'm also very pleased to support.  Happy fair trade shopping!