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Twilight Zone*

Posted by Maureen Friday, August 06, 2010 Labels: , , , , ,

I was driving home just now, and heard this story on NPR about cloned beef showing up in grocery stores without being marked as cloned.

Now. It's not uncommon to hear a news story about food not being what its label says it is.

But.... CLONED?! WHAT!? I mean I knew some sheep or something was cloned a few years ago, but I didn't know we had arrived such that we are now cloning cows and eating them en masse?!? I'M FREAKING OUT HERE. AM I IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE?!

What's more, the bad part isn't that cloned beef is being eaten, it's that it's not being advertised for what it is. Because cloned beef shouldn't be with regular beef, rather, it's considered a delicacy. A DELICACY!!!

What's happening?! This level of shock and awe can also be found in my reaction to Wyclef Jean running for President of Haiti (although I find that a bit more awesome than the cloned beef, which I'm mostly scared of). Freaking FUGEES, man! And.... the fact that I place my hand on a scanner in order to enter my local gym. And... that I can type in four random words into a little search bar on my computer screen and instantly have the exact result I was looking for without previously knowing it existed! (The latter example is in reference to searching for a toy my nephew described to me over the phone, I typed in "Dinosaur toy sprays water", and instantly found this:

BOOM. Couldn't have asked for more. And yes, I ordered it instantly. Duh.)

This shit is crazy!

WHAT YEAR IS THIS?! We are officially living in the twilight zone*.

But what's even more amazing is how much of the world is still living in the past, or how much of our lives and cultures have not advanced. Not just the developing world that still lives primitively, but right here in our backyard where we still live in a world of violence, poverty, addiction, crime, deceit, pain - if only we could advance beyond these things as well. It's ironic, no?

So, turns out it's 2010. I guess I didn't know we would ever make it this far, and yet be so far behind.

*I've never watched the show called "The Twilight Zone", but I often use the term to refer to a state or condition in which I feel like I don't know where I am/what's happening.


toby said...

Cloned beef? I didn't realize we were at this level either. Do you think they are cloning a particularly delicious cow? Is that what makes it a delicacy? Or are they just cloning an individual muscle?

Truly, the future is now. I am not ready.

aaronmitchum said...

I think the next step is robots using poisonous gasses and poisoning our asses.