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Taking a Stand Against Weather Hatred

Posted by Maureen Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Labels: , , ,

Take a moment to ponder this:

What would your life be like if you weren't so affected by the weather?
What if you could just be content no matter the outdoor environment?
What if you could fully embrace each day as it is, no matter how hot, cold, gray, or wet?

I have to say, our lives might be generally healthier if only we could set aside our strong weather-related preferences.

And so, on this beautiful early-Fall day that no one has anything to complain about, I'm taking a stand:

I refuse to complain about the weather.

And I want to encourage you to make the same commitment.

(Make no mistake - I fully understand this condition known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder." If that is something you truly experience, then that is a different conversation. Take the steps you need to take to be healthy and happy amidst the winter season.)

Red Bush, originally uploaded by maureen lunn.

But for the rest of us who, sure, may experience a little winter depression, or may hate the heat and even more the humidity (because it's not the heat, but...all together now.... IT'S THE HUMIDITY!). But must we really allow our lives and days to be SO negatively affected by it? Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, you could CHOOSE to not hate the weather?

Rant Incoming!

When Fall comes, everyone's so excited (for some inherent reason) to start wearing jeans and long sleeves (myself included). It's not hot anymore and we are so happy! So we go to the park a couple times and maybe go camping once, and then basically forget about it until we're in the depths of winter, and then the complaining starts: "It's SO COLD!". Duh. It's winter. You live in Kansas/Missouri. IT'S THIS WAY EVERY YEAR, WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING SO SURPRISED?!

When Spring comes, everyone's so excited (for some inherent reason) to start wearing shorts and sandals (myself included). It's not cold anymore and we are so happy! So we go to the park a couple times and maybe go camping once, and then basically forget about it until we're in the fires of summer, and then the complaining starts: "It's SO HOT!". DUH. IT'S SUMMER. YOU LIVE IN KANSAS/MISSOURI. IT'S THIS WAY EVERY YEAR, WHY ARE YOU ACTING SO SURPRISED?!?!?!?!?!

Now let me be clear, I understand that weather affects people. Period. Even me, after the heat and humidity broke a week or so ago, it was a relief. And yet, those of us who have the capacity to be reading this blog most likely are much like me, living in completely heated/air-conditioned world. No matter the extreme weather, we can always find relief. We are not homeless, we are not in the Bush, we are in an American city, where - whether in our own homes or cars, in a friend's home or a public place - we can find relief from the weather. Let's be thankful.

You know, weather is kind of like religion. It can be moderate or extreme. Therefore, we can dislike the extreme weather, but the moderate, we just need to accept for what it is (or move). For example, an average cold winter is kind of like the mainline Protestant Church. But a death-causing blizzard is like Fred Phelps. Or, a normal year of dry and rainy seasons somewhere in Southeast Asia is kind of like the moderate Muslim community, but a huge tsunami is like terrorism. There is normal or average religion, there is normal or average weather. There is extreme or damaging religion, there is extreme or damaging weather.

In conclusion, consider taking a personal stand against weather hatred. Stop complaining. Embrace every day, no matter how hot or cold. Get upset and frustrated when extreme weather actually ruins people lives. But don't blame the entire weather system for it. Be thankful that you're comfortable and alive. And see if your life over the course of a year doesn't feel more content.

Or, move to California. BOOM.

Abandoned beach chair, originally uploaded by maureen lunn.


jen said...

Thank you Moe!!!! I totally agree with every word and you put it so nicely! :) Weather complainers drive me nuts! Well done, and thank you!

val the poof said...

I am not a weather complainer, likely from spending rainy weeks in the backcountry with teenagers, ain't nothin to do but smile. Still, Portland grey has done me in so, yes, I am moving to California. Shhh! Don't tell the Oregonians! It's like blasphemy around here.

All in all. Thanks for taking a stand against weather hatred. And for giving us options (including moving, sorry Midwesterners) for how to heal our hatred should we feel it.