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Coming & Going

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, June 17, 2010

As of May 2010 until now, the following dear ones have moved away (or are within weeks):

My very own mother and father
Our dearest and best Huffmans
Our longtime sweet Eddys

These have or soon will return from an extended leave:
The beautiful Hilary Meckel + her loving Joe Winans
Ever-missed, adventurous John Raux
My housemates of old and great friends, Glenn & Amy (+1)

So it's three out for three in, (if we're talking family groups, that is). But nevertheless it's been a sad month to see such important ones move on. And yet, for each and every one, I am endlessly proud of them, and know that this is without question the right thing for their lives. Today, a friend who is also considering a move (don't get me started), said that they were deciding whether to go based on this question: "Will moving add value to our own lives as well as the lives of those around us?" What wisdom. I pray that for each of you who have come and gone, that your lives will be richer and more valuable in these new seasons.

Recently, the one and only Tim Keel wrote a blog post about the experience of having relocated to New Zealand (if I were to expand my "Goings" list back a few months, his family among others would be there). It's so insightful and hard in a way. For instance, he writes: "Though we have met many wonderful people and are sowing the seeds for significant friendships, there is no relational equivalent to Miracle-Gro. Meaningful relationships are built over time. After having a wealth of such relationships, their absence is felt acutely."

Despite the difficulty of this reality, I'm encouraged by it--both for my friends listed here, and for Toby & I in the thought that someday we might be the ones going. And that each of us, here or there, will again find wealth in relationships, value given and received, time and time again.

Lunns & Huffmans (sans children)


kerry said...

and look at this lovely blog, as well. adding it to my reader right now. thanks for your kind words. i'll be honest, tearing up a little...

Sarah M. said...

Thanks for writing this, Maux! Echoing so many of my thoughts, especially as I'm starting to count up how many of my "inner circle" girls are potentially moving away from KC in the next year (up to four...so far...who knows what tomorrow will bring). Thank God for phones and blogs and Twitter and FB and e-mail and Skype and...