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No Tour on the Horizon

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Labels: , , , , , ,

U2 Fans nation-wide were saddened yesterday when news came out that, due to an unexpected back surgery underwent by Bono, the summer U2 360° tour has been postponed. I had tickets for the show in Chicago on July 6. While we are all hoping for Bono's full and speedy recovery, I can't say that I'm not extremely disappointed. The shows will be rescheduled for 2011, at which time I hope to be living somehwere in East Africa so will likely not be able to attend. Sigh. Life is hard sometimes.

A word from The Edge:
U2.com > News > The Edge on Skype

So....I'll wait until the dates are released to sell my ticket(s), but if anyone out there is interested in buying them then let me know.


Nathan said...

I'm officially bummed too -- was heading to the Denver show. Here's to Bono's health!

Jim said...

I officially would be interested if the date is right, though it makes me sad on your behalf that you might not get to go :(

Anonymous said...

Is this Jim Sharp I'm talking to? If so great, I'll talk to you once the new dates are released and find out if the friend I was going with does not want the tickets. Thanks!