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I've officially lost track of who has withdrawn from the upcoming Sudanese elections, who has boycotted, who has threatened others for withdrawing or boycotting, and which international entities are supporting it or not supporting it.

Either way, the countdown is on so we'll find out in about three days if they are happening or not. The Economist today puts it this way: "The election may still be postponed. Yet, despite all these flaws, it is to be hoped that it will go ahead. If it does, the outside world should hold its nose and accept the result. For the election could lead to progress on one front in a country that is pitifully short of the stuff: it could result in a peaceful division of Sudan between north and south."

Personally, I don't entirely agree that it should go ahead anyway, nor do I agree that a division of north and south will possibly be peaceful.

But, all we can do now is wait. Keep up with the Sudan Tribune to read daily updates, as well as this very informative article at The Economist about what went wrong.