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I owe you an update.

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, April 15, 2010 Labels: , , , ,

I've honestly been so overwhelmed with all the ups and downs in Sudan that I've not been able to blog about it. And even now, I don't really know what to say, but my previous post is way out of date! So, a quick run down:

  • The elections began on Sunday, as scheduled, despite boycotts and withdrawals.
  • Mass chaos and confusion at most rural polling places, and yet very little violence (no more than occurs anyway).
  • After the allotted three days of voting, the elections were extended by two days (today being the second of the two).
  • President Bashir, widely expected to win, announced that he would invite members from all other political parties to form a coalition government. (Good news).
Those are the main points. By tomorrow we will probably have some results, most of which will simply maintain the status quo.

However, the lack of violence and President Bashir's outstretched hand to the other parties does give me some hope. We've missed Pastor Morris's calls the past few days, unfortunately, but whenever Toby talks to him, he will hopefully give us some insight as to how things went in Nuba Mountains.