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Hadestown, or "Why I have a cool father-in-law."

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Labels: , ,

I'd like to apologize to all of you out there who appreciate my blog for its randomness and diversity. The last few months have been heavy with posts on Sudanese politics and current events. But now that the elections in Sudan are over and I'm completely underwhelmed by them, perhaps its time to get back to my roots (read: total randomness and no consistency whatsoever). Sound good?

So check this out: Hadestown. My dear father-in-law loaned this album to me, he bought it after hearing about it on NPR. At first I was all like, "Oh man what kind of dorky music is this gonna be?" (Alan, I thought you'd appreciate my honesty)...but I took one look at it and then I was like, "WHAT?! Ani Difranco? Bon Iver?! I have the coolest father-in-law EVER!". Needless to say, I popped it in the ol' Malibu compact disc player and was extremely impressed at what I heard.

As you'll see in the article linked above, Hadestown is a "folk opera" created by Anais Mitchell based on the myth of Orpheus. Each of the musicians plays a specific character--there are love songs, hate songs, fight songs, and just downright weird songs. But the collaboration is brilliant. And come on--Bon Iver? He's just awesome whichever way you look at it (or listen to it, rather).

My favorite tune so far is "Why we build the wall"--so dramatic and yet sing-a-long-able. In fact, perhaps that's precisely how I would describe this album. I should also mention that the physical CD case/art is really wonderful--worth buying the physical album for. You can listen to the full album here on Lala (just once, though). Let me know what you think!