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Patty Griffin--check!

Posted by Maureen Monday, March 29, 2010 Labels: , , , , ,

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For a long time, I've had a list of concerts I've wanted to see (of artists I've never seen before). At the very top of my list, for about the past 8 years, has been the one and only Patty Griffin. She's been my favorite artist for years and yet every time she's come to the Midwest, I've never been able to attend due to ridiculous commitments like, for example, college graduation (missed her show in May 2004 because of this!). Well, this past Saturday night I finally crossed her off my list. But I put her at the top of a new list called "Musicians I want to see in concert again and again".

Patty's new album, Downtown Church, is an anomaly among most of her work (Read an NPR review and listen to the full album here). It was recorded in a church in downtown Nashville, and is primarily gospel music (mostly traditional tunes). Despite the fact that Saturday night she did not play some of the songs I most wanted to hear (Rain, Every Little Bit, Long Ride Home), her performance of these gospel songs was absolutely mind-blowing. HOW can that little tiny 46-year old woman belt out sounds so powerful and sharp and perfect? And she hardly even has to open her mouth before it sounds like you're in an opera house. Amazing!

Did I mention that we were in the front row? Due to a bit of confusion about when the show started, we ended up there an hour earlier than planned, which led to us being front and center. It was a perfect experience for my first Patty Griffin show.

Buddy Miller opened for Patty (though she came out and sang harmonies and played spoons during his set) and then he sang and played in her band as well. He was fantastic.

And to top the weekend off, the night before Patty Griffin, I had the pleasure of seeing my friends Waterdeep play their CD Release at the Record Bar, with opening guest Sara Swenson. They too played tons of tracks from their latest album, which I love despite how different it is from much of their previous work. But they also played the classics, even closing with Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" which is a fan favorite.


kimberly said...

I too, would have been saddended by a lack of rain and long ride home.

sara said...

I fell asleep in the back sitting against the wall. but I couldn't leave...she was great. I LOVE HER.