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Posted by Maureen Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Labels: , , ,

Particularly, mine.

I spent the weekend in Killeen, Texas with twenty-six of my favorite people in the world.

We celebrated my grandparents' birthdays--Grandmother's 79th & Grandad's 80th. Their wisdom and maturity did not prevent us from requiring them to blow out a total of 159 candles.

Also, new Sam had his 13th birthday, which resulted in a pinata beating.

We missed Daniel and Dustin, both serving with the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively. And we really missed Sean, our beloved cousin/grandson/nephew/son/brother who we lost to leukemia in 2002. Every family gathering like this one magnifies his absence, but we try to focus on remembering who he was to us while he lived.

Here's a few more pics, more are on my flickr site.

My gorgeous Grandmother.

Toby with his loot from the pinata.

Adam, with his loot from the pinata. Wait. Just kidding. That loot came from somewhere else.

Jumping into a quick photo with my sweet parents.


sara said...

the candles - amazing!