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Last night I had a dream that I was watching TV and on came a news flash that President al-Bashir of Sudan had [finally] been arrested by the ICC. I was SO excited, like giddy excited, like little-girl-just-won-a-cake-at-the-cake-walk excited. But after a few moments of watching this news flash, suddenly I noticed Morgan Freeman standing in the scene...."What's Morgan Freeman doing in Sudan?", I dreamily wondered. "Wait...wait....NO! NO!!! It's a preview for a movie?! DAAMMMIIITTTTTT!"

My dreams were dashed, in more ways than one (zing!). But at least it was starring Morgan Freeman.

Toby suggested that the movie may have been called "World Cop." Good one.

Did I mention that the dream previous to this one involved a family of evil and deadly spiders? I don't think I did.


Rachel said...

Keep dreaming and sharing, Maureen, oh please oh please.