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I think this is good news....

Posted by Anonymous Friday, February 26, 2010 Labels: , , ,

BBC reported today that the deadlock over parliamentary seats in Sudan has ended, with an agreeable result that the South will now have enough members of Parliament to veto any constitutional changes.  This power is necessary in order for them to ensure that the CPA remains in place.  According to the article, due to last year's census (which in my opinion, and many others, was a major failure) the South did not have the population representation to have enough seats in parliament to hold this veto power.   But after months of deadlock and threats from the SPLM that they would not even participate in the election, they came to an agreement.

The article also points out that more seats were awarded to Abyei and Kordofan, the areas which house our beloved Nuba Mountains.  I think that's good news...

Finally, a recent peace agreement in Darfur should also lead to a calmer election process. Read more about that here.

Read the rest of the article here.