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The Statues of Liberty Tax, or "They're people too."

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, January 21, 2010 Labels: , ,

This post is a slightly  more light-hearted version of my recent post about the plight of homeless people in harsh winter weather. Today, let's acknowledge the poor souls who are hired by Liberty Tax Services from January-April to dress up as the Statue of Liberty and stand on the corner enticing passers-by to come in and get their taxes done.  They're known by the company as "costume wavers." And they're people too.

I've found that most people treat the Statues of Liberty Tax like we often treat homeless people--avoiding eye contact, hoping you're not the car that happens to be right next to them at a red light, quietly saying "Sorry, no thanks" if confronted directly about taking them up on their offer.  Why do we do this?  These people are in the freezing cold, dressed up in a costume, dancing and waving at every single car, for hours every single day for four months.  The other day I actually saw a Statue of Liberty Tax rapping for people in a car that stopped nearby.  That's awesome!  Come on!

So, I implore you: Wave back. I've taken to giving them all an enthusiastic thumbs up as I pass by.  No, I won't be coming in to have my taxes done, but I want them to know they're doing a good job.  It's the least we can do. They're people too.


Nate said...

I always wave. Always.

Anonymous said...

'Atta boy!

toby said...

I wonder what percentage of people serving as Statues don't make enough in a year to pay taxes.

mr.sundquist said...

Did you know that there are TRY OUTS for those positions?! They get a group of people together and pick the most enthusiastic wavers.