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This Is It

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, November 11, 2009 Labels: , , , ,

People. Go see Michael Jackson's "This Is It" whether you like it or not. That's an order.

It's still in theaters, despite the initial statements that it would only be out for 2 weeks. I guess that was just a ploy.

Fair warning, before you see it make sure to have a sweet MJ mix ready to play when you get home, because you'll be dying to have an MJ dance party immediately thereafter.

And for those of you who don't like MJ, one reviewer said about the film, "This film will make people who joked on him in the past ashamed of what they said about him." Humble yourselves.

I'd like to tell you many more of the reasons that I think you should go see it, but doesn't MJ speak for himself? Just go! 'Nuff said!!


kimberly said...

I LOVED this movie. loved loved loved. I went to saw it on the WORST day ever, and it was so fabulous, because it was just fun. no plot to follow, no thinking required, just crazy good dancing and music. loved it.