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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XIX: Dish Towel Guitar

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, November 28, 2009 Labels: , ,

Last night I had a dream that Thomas was throwing a birthday party for himself, at which he was going to play a concert. He asked me to back him up on acoustic guitar. Since he was going to be playing all Oriole Post songs*, which in my dream I knew all the guitar parts too, I happily accepted. So we get on stage and he hands me a stack of dishtowels and a small piece of cardboard. It was evident to me that I was to use the cardboard as a pick to strum the dishtowels**. This was awkward at first, but to my surprise it actually produced a lovely acoustic sound.

And the crowd went wild. (Okay that part didn't actually happen in my dream, or probably I just don't remember it.)

*This is strange, first, because Thomas is not in Oriole Post, rather he is in The Model Congress.

**Toby suggested that the dish towel guitar symbolizes my lost dream of being a rock star, which has been replaced by being a wife. Maybe?


Sarah M. said...

Another incredibly awesome dream. Perhaps this is a sign you should be doing some kind of performance art with dish towels at the ModCon show??

michaela said...

incredible. and we had just been complaining about our total lack of linen in the band - missing that special warm softness it brings...

jen said...

haha i like it. :) your dreams are the best. keep them comin'!