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US Reveals New Strategy for Sudan

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Labels: , ,

A few days ago, the White House unveiled their new Sudan strategy. Many are saying this is the most comprehensive plan that our country has ever released in regards to Sudan. Here's the NY Times article. But thanks to Vernon, I discovered this article from allafrica.com which is a bit more explanatory. Here's a bit of it:

The strategy recognizes that any durable solution to the conflict in Darfur must be inclusive of all segments of Darfuri society and address the root causes of the conflict – including political representation and development – as well as compensation for survivors and reconciliation. For this reason, the United States is working aggressively to find ways of including the voices of Darfuri civil society representatives in peace talks.

This new strategy comes only months prior to significant deadlines in the CPA being reached, and therefore reflects the urgency with which we view those milestones, to include national elections and a referendum on southern succession. The Strategy outlines how the United States will work closely with its international partners to: provide assistance for elections in 2010 and the referendum on southern self-determination in 2011; support efforts to push for the timely and transparent demarcation of the North-South border, support conflict resolution mechanisms within southern Sudan and along the north-south border; and Promote Improved Governing Capacity and Greater Transparency in Southern Sudan.

Let's hope that the US and any other international pressures (hello, China?!?) will focus just as much on the CPA between North & South as they do on Darfur, because one cannot reach peace without the other.