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Op-Ed by Bono on Obama's Nobel

Posted by Anonymous Friday, October 30, 2009 Labels: , , ,

Well those of you know me at all (or have read my blog at all) know that two of my favorite political figures are Bono and Pres. Obama, while the political issue closest to my heart is development in Sub-Saharan Africa. And so an article like this one is right up my alley. Please read.


Anonymous said...

You are much more educated on this topic than I am so perhaps you can explain it to me- what exactly did the President do to get the peace prize? I read the article and I know he has commitments to end poverty in certain parts of the world, but I have been having a hard time understanding how a commitment or a statement to do something ranks with those who won the prize in the past for actually accomplishing something. Even Bono said it- the peace prize is a bit of a "don't blow it" directed towards the President. I guess I am confused as to when Nobel prizes started going out pre action and accomplishment. I would love to see the President win this, but I would love to see him win it b/c the millennium goals were met and poverty was actually eradicated with President Obama as a leader in that, not b/c he got up and gave a speech about doing that. He's hardly the first. So, what am I missing??

Anonymous said...

You're not missing anything, Elli. When Obama won the peace prize I sarcastically referred to it as the "Potential for Peace" prize because of exactly what you commented on. My interest in this article is less about the peace prize, and more about the change that Obama will hopefully bring to both the US's and the world's striving towards the millennium development goals. I agree with you--I wish those who chose the Nobel winner would have put Obama on their list for potential winners in 4 years from now, but instead they felt the need to give it to him now. So if they want it to be a "don't blow it" prize, then that's up to them. I can't speak to why the Nobel committee chose Obama. I mostly just like Bono's take on it.