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Nomads from a Falata tribe

Posted by Maureen Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nomads from a Falata tribe, originally uploaded by Vít Hassan.

I found this image on Flickr today of some tribespeople in Sudan. When I visited Toby in Sudan last year, while driving we came across two people from this Falata tribe, a man and a woman. They're known as "magic people" (perhaps in the same way as witches) and are very striking in appearance. The man was riding a cow with one of these curved pieces of wood behind him--Toby suggested it was some kind of tent structure. The woman was leading a camel. They were both dressed in very bright colors, had very sharp features, and very deep eyes. I thought they might put a spell on me just by making eye contact. Maybe they did.

Anyway, I didn't get a photo of them, but have a very vivid memory of their unique appearance. So I thought I'd do a little searching. However, they're not even on Wikipedia--the photos from this guy's flickr are literally the only info I could find on them. How bizarre. Someone needs to get over there and do some research on this tribe.

Maybe I will.

That's all. Just a little info on a recent memory.


Amanda Loughlin said...

i think there's some work for you to do, young lady!