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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XVIII: Steak Sauce Cocktail

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, October 08, 2009 Labels: , ,

Prepare yourselves for one of the most illogical dreams to ever hit the press:

The other night I dreamed that I was telling some friends about a dream I had, first of all. And in THAT dream, I was sitting at a restaurant, and was brought a cocktail that was made out of steak sauce. The waiter informed me that it was a new drink, very popular, and it was called the "A-1 Steak Bather."

What the hell people. BATHER?! What does that even mean?

Second of all, it begs the question--since in my dream I was telling someone about a dream--did I actually have the A-1 steak bather dream myself, followed by a second dream where I told someone about it? Or was it all fabricated at once? How bizarre.


Nathan Colgate said...

A couple nights ago I dreampt (sp?) that Toby was back in town from Africa for an afternoon. He decided he would meet everyone at the neighborhood TCBY (frozen yogurt shop) at 2pm sharp, where they had agreed to change their sign to read TOBE.

Do they even have TCBY's any more? Why did they change the Y to an E? Does Toby like frozen yogurt?

Anonymous said...

Nathan, I do believe that TCBY's is still in business, and I concur that they would probably get more business if it was called TOBY's, and Toby LOVES ice cream but I think he has an issue with frozen yogurt.

Ha. I think that covers it. Awesome dream though.

Amy said...

so funny, glenn and I are laughing hard over your recent dreamings. glenn wants to try this A1 bather