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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XVII: A montage

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, October 04, 2009 Labels:

I've had a few crazy dreams recently:

3 nights ago: I dreamt that Nathan & Kerry were getting married (fyi, in reality they've already been married for several years) and that they were consulting me on some wedding advice. They sent me an envelope with about 10 different photographs of ice cubes, and asked me to help them select which ones I thought were most fitting for their wedding.

2 nights ago: I dreamt that I was eating at In-n-out Burger. This one isn't funny or interesting at all, but its just telling of my personality and my perpetual craving for cheeseburgers.

Last night: I dreamt that Toby & I received our first electric bill for our new house, and it was one million dollars. Toby was rather upset but I kept telling him it was no big deal, that I would call KCP&L and do a bit of negotiating, and hopefully get a bit of that knocked off.


Michelle Bridges said...

Well here in waiting-room-land, we have plenty of time to discuss your dreams. My mom says there's probably a pretty big corrolation between ice cube photo choices and inner personality. One anonymous member of the waiting room committee says that the best way to understand the true meaning of all of your dreams is to return to work at a certain tax firm this coming year. And I'm just proud that you are keeping it real with that cheeseburger bit.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, thanks Michelle. And I don't know who that anonymous member would be, but if you see him tell him that the government is the one determining my future (and my dreams). Argh.