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Oh by the way, I got married.

Posted by Maureen Thursday, September 17, 2009 Labels: , , ,

Oops I kind of forgot to blog for almost a month, but I guess you'll forgive me since I was kind of busy getting married. And graduating. And moving. And going on a honeymoon. And starting a new job.

So much has happened, I'm not sure what to say about it all (except that its all been wonderful)! Here's a few things to note:

-I was a completely stress-free bride up to the very end.
-I can never thank my parents, siblings, and close friends enough for all their hard work in pulling off a beautiful wedding in my parents' front yard.
-Toby is hot.
-If you want to go on vacation, you should go to Sea Ranch, California. Hands down.
-If you graduate from KU but don't attend the graduation ceremony, don't expect to get your copy of the diploma in the mail for more than a month after graduation (I still don't have it). Also, don't expect that after you paid KU tens of thousands of dollars for your masters degree that they'll let you get off without paying an extra $10 for your own diploma. Ludicrous.
-I now work here.

And now for some photos:

My husband!

One day we visited the biggest of the big Redwoods at "Avenue of the Giants" inHumboldt State Park.

Just lounging around our house with our phenomenal view. (Toby looks unusually worried here but I think he was just focusing on our new GPS..probably trying to find me a nearby Trader Joe's or In-n-Out!)

Seals for realz! One day we came upon a beach and over the course of a few hours, there were harbor seals all over the place! Incredible!

The Lunns.

More photos (as usual) here and here.


jen said...

moe you are back! we have to get together soon!

louann said...

everything looks so nice, a honeymoon to remember for a lifetime! love that last picture especially -

Amanda Loughlin said...

was the move downstairs stressful? ;) congrats on everything!