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4th Blog Anniversary

Posted by Anonymous Friday, September 25, 2009 Labels: , , , ,

In November of this year, my blog & I will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary. In order to celebrate properly, I decided to give the ol' site an overhaul. I hope you like it. Don't worry--all the lame and random posts of the last 4 years are still here for your viewing, but hopefully that viewing will be more aesthetically pleasing.

You might also notice that I've changed the title of my blog from "teaching me how to kneel" to "miserere nobis", which is Latin for "Have mercy on us." The new title follows the same theme, but I thought it was perhaps time to let go of the U2 lyrics. The idea behind both names, new and old, is that in all of these things that I post on this site, as well as that which occurs in my life, the only plea and the only hope that we all have is for the Lord to have mercy on us, and to teach us humility. Whether posting a tragic news story from East Africa or pictures of my cat, may the Lord show his mercy in my life and that of those I mention here (yes, including my cat!).

So, happy 4th anniversary, blog! I hope you like your new look, I know I do.

P.S. Just for fun, here's my first ever blog post. A lot's happened since then, eh?