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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XVI: Spy Game

Posted by Anonymous Monday, August 24, 2009 Labels:

Last night I had a dream that Toby & I discovered that some guys were trying to rob Rachel Bonar's house. So in order to catch them in the act, we made a fake schedule of when Rachel was going to be out and laid it on a table near the window. We knew this would entice them to look at the schedule, and then come to the house when it said no one was home. Brilliant!

Later, Tim B was with us and he, Toby, and I hid out in the back yard (which was a much larger back yard that Rachel's actual one) up on a hill. It was pitch black, and we didn't hide behind anything--we just thought the darkness would cover us. The robbers arrived, and all congregated there in the yard. I did not know what our plan was to "catch" them. Suddenly, one of them picked up a microphone in order to make announcements as to the plan (not too stealth-like). The one making the announcements walked up on the hill right next to us and they shined a spotlight on him, and consequently on us! We'd been detected. As we began to hear the robbers recognizing that there were spies, I kept looking at Toby mouthing "Should we run?! Should we run?!" He stalled for a minute, and then the two of us just took of running so fast. Except Toby was way faster than me and I was afraid I was going to get caught. But also, we didn't let Tim in on the part about "We're running away now" so I was worried about him.

Later, I was at Walmart.

The end.


Nathan Colgate said...

Sarah and I have both recently had spy related dreams. In mine we were protecting a top secret broom and dust pan.