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Sudanese Accept Oil Border Ruling, or "FINALLY!"

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Labels: , ,

My heart leapt this morning when I pulled up the Africa page of BBC News to see the above headline. This has been a long time coming, and both the North and South's acceptance of the oil borders and the disputed region of Abyei could actually lead to a true peace in Sudan. Possibly. This is the first hopeful thing out of Sudan (on a large scale) since the CPA in 2005 (which was basically moot until this border dispute ended). If you want to read more about why one little border is so important, you can check out one of my graduate papers here--scroll down and read the sections highlighted in blue.

Hopefully these kids in Nuba Mountains will grow up in a peaceful land.

Anyway, here's the BBC article. It's not the perfect situation for those in Central and Southern Sudan, but I think it could truly lead to some progress in peace and development in Sudan (and hopefully free and fair elections).