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East Africa gets high-speed web

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, July 25, 2009 Labels: , , , ,

Via under water internet cables! Love it. Interesting article here from BBC. Also there is some feedback from people in East Africa about the new internet, including someone from Turkana, Kenya! Turkana is like the deep bush of Kenya, and its hard to imagine them having internet at all. Mobile phones have been widespread even in the bush of Africa, but now it looks like internet is well on its way to their little straw and mud huts. Fascinating.
Here's the Turkana's view: "I am happy that even my small village will also be linked with this cable. And to easen my studies I hope E-learning will be even possible at shaks rather than at schools and I hope the company will be able to regulate the cyber browsing prices all over the country. I think also internet services will be the services of choice in the near future cause as per internet revolution very many things has been a landmark to success. Thanks for the netting Africa with the rest of the world through this fibre cable."