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Obama orders Colbert to shave head

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, June 09, 2009 Labels: , , ,

Stephen Colbert is taping The Colbert Report from Iraq this week, in front of a live studio audience of members of the US Military. Pretty awesome--I thought it was a hoax until I saw it for myself. After a hysterical attempt to endure basic training such that he could be considered a member of the Army, Colbert inquired with his guest, General Odierno, if he was fit to be one of his soldiers. Odierno stated that the only thing he was lacking was a shaved head.....after a bit of banter, it came down to receiving an order from the Commander in Chief himself. To watch, go here and there's a box on the front page that says "all new video." In that box, you can find the appropriate clip, or watch the whole episode.