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Well, last night was one for the books.

I came home after 10pm and by about 11pm was in bed. My bedroom is against the back wall of the house, which holds a back porch (on the 2nd floor). Directly above me is a crawl space from the attic. Well, I had heard my cat, Lucinda, meowing a bit, so kept going to the back door to let her inside, but she was never there. I figured it was just a stray. But even as I started to fall asleep, I kept hearing the meowing. So I went to the front door--nothing, to the front window where sometimes she can jump out onto the roof, to the basement, everywhere I could imagine she might be stuck behind a closed door. Nothing. And yet. I could hear her calling so clearly. As I began to listen more intently, it sounded like it was coming from above my head. At this time, I realized that she must be trapped. So the search and rescue began. I climbed up to look on the back porch roof--nothing--even though it seemed that that was exactly where the sound was coming from. I went into the attic, and with my heart-beating fast, crawled into the darkest, creepiest, cob-webbiest crawl space you can imagine, thinking perhaps she snuck in there and got stuck. I was very brave. I went through this process of back and forth, going from one creepy, somewhat dangerous space, to another, for over an hour. By 12:30am, I had no other options but to call in Toby. (Poor guy was supposed to get up for a 7am bike ride, today, and I call him over for feline rescue at 1am!)

So together, he and I continued the search. In the crawl space, on the roof, back to the crawl space, and Lucinda was calling out to us the entire time. Finally, we realized she had climbed into a space that seemed physically impossible to get to--the small space between the ceiling and the roof of the back porch. There must have been some tiny opening from that attic crawl space that allowed her in, but didn't allow her out. The only option now was to cut a hole in the ceiling of the porch roof. Which is exactly what Toby, Captain Feline Rescue, did. He took off the porch light fixture where there was about a 1-inch hole (you can see her paw in this one). Then he used his power drill and pocket knife--the only tools that could create a makeshift saw that he had in his truck--to make the hole just big enough for Lucinda to get her chubby little body through. And sure enough, the moment that light fixture came off, her little paw came popping out. Poor little thing. I was so happy to see that we had found her.

At about 2:30am, Toby finished cutting the hole, and gently pulled Lucinda out from the roof.This was an experience I did not expect to come with cat ownership. I mean, I know about litter boxes and shedding and sometimes just being flat annoying--but having to cut a hole in the roof for a cat? Yeesh. Hopefully she learned her lesson. But I'm happy to have her safe and sound.


will said...

glad to hear lucinda has survived her ordeal! you realize she did it all just for the attention... cats!