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Local Somalians' opinions on pirates

Posted by Anonymous Friday, April 17, 2009 Labels: , , ,

This article in today's Kansas City Star shed some perspective on the negative perception of Somalian pirates, from the viewpoint of local Somalis. Most of my neighbors here in Northeast KC are Somalis, so the article particularly caught my attention. In spite of the hardships many on the high seas have endured due to the pirates' raids, one must not forget the harsh, deadly realities of life in Somalia. The article points out that most of the young men who work as pirates have grown up in the violence-ridden nation, and don't know anything else--these men have likely never seen peace in their own country. Local Somali immigrant, Farah Abdi, states in the article, "Piracy is a cause and effect of what’s been happening in Somalia for years and years. It will not be stopped just by shooting those who do it.”