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SURELY we can change.....right?

Posted by Maureen Sunday, March 15, 2009 Labels: , , , , , , ,

Ever since the arrest warrant for Al-Bashir was released last week, I've been following the news pretty closely on the issue. But for some reason it wasn't until I read this article in CSM that it all really hit me. This is a very, very bad situation. Bashir has not only blatantly admitted his own guilt by his actions, but has actively and directly inflicted more suffering on the people of his own country. It's really been bringing me down these past few days. Then, this morning at church we sang a song written by David Crowder called "Surely We Can Change." As we sang these lyrics, I was brought to tears:

When all the love in the world
Is right here among us
And hatred too
And so we must choose
What our hands will do

Where there is pain
Let there be grace
Where there is suffering
Bring serenity
For those afraid
Help them be brave
Where there is misery
Bring expectancy
And surely we can change
Surely we can change

So. I usually feel somewhat hopeless about much of the situation over there. But when I do, I should remember there is still a prayer to pray.


toby said...

We just have to keep hoping and praying. I don't know what else to do.