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Hot Club of Cowtown

Posted by Maureen Sunday, March 15, 2009 Labels: , ,

Tonight I headed over to Knucklehead's to see Hot Club of Cowtown (thanks to the invitation from Rachel)! Knucklehead's is about 5 minutes from my house, a random bar right in the middle of the Northeast bottoms, which seems utterly abandoned otherwise on a Sunday night. But Knucklehead's is an extremely popular place! I was shocked at all the people there--and quite a diverse crowd to say the least! And this band--oh. my. word. Incredible. Here's a video of a recent performance, although it's nothing compared to live-in-concert. Those people can play some fast music. Lot's of hand-clappin', lots of two-steppin', and lots of beer-drinkin' was goin' on down at Knucklehead's tonight. It's a classic Kansas City diamond in the rough. Get on over there.


Michelle Bridges said...

bass. percussion. i still dare you to explain what that man was doing. that was a hootenaney good time.

rachel said...

hot club of MOE town.