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"Valkyrie" is Tom Cruise's most recent Hollywood release, in which he plays a German WWII Colonel who is heading up a plot to assassinate Hitler. First, a few words about the film itself. I liked it. I've always liked films based on history, and Valkyrie presents us with a new perspective from the typical American-soldier-hero plot. The cast was excellent and the story kept you guessing, mostly about whether it was going to follow history (which it does). Also, who has ever represented Hitler in a film? That's bold, and they did it well.

Cruise himself plays pretty much the same exact character he plays in every movie he's been in since 1990, displaying a characteristic that TL accurately describes as "righteous intensity." That man is intense! That man is righteous! What's so wrong with that? Which brings me to my next point--why does everyone hate Tom Cruise so much?!

Everyone loved him until he got a little too obsessive about Katie Holmes and said a few weird things on Oprah, and then all of a sudden he's the worst actor in the world?! I don't get it, folks. And here's why: the personal lives of professional actors (also musicians, athletes, etc.) should NOT be on display simply because they put their faces and bodies on display in movies, television, etc. Why does everyone just assume that we should know everything about their personal lives? I think it's absolutely ridiculous. And since I don't think that I have a right to know everything about some celebrity's life, then I choose not to base my opinion of that person on their personal actions and decisions. I base my opinion of them on their acting, music, what have you. And I'm just going to come right out and say that I think that's how you should approach it too. So put down that People magazine and read some movie reviews instead, punk!

Whew. Okay. All that to say, I have always enjoyed Tom Cruise and I still do. Yes, he may play the same character in every movie he's in (with the exception of his recent performance in 'Tropic Thunder,' which I did not see), but hey--it's a dang good character! Righteous Intensity, man! That's awesome! Freaking Ethan Hunt, man! That dude kicks ass!

Okay. So. I think I'm going to go pick up the Mission Impossible trilogy now and veg out on it for the rest of the day. You should do the same, or go see Valkyrie.


aaron said...

I just watched Interview With The Vampire for the first time two nights ago......loved it! Cruise did a great job! I liked him better than Pitt.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Cruise is an absolutel y wonderful gifted actor. I don't have any problem with the way he was about Katie Holmes. Good for him, he's in love. The only thing that bothered me is when he was very critical of women who suffer depression after the birth of their children. It had to do with his belief in Scientology. He got ALOT of flack about that one. I think alot of people were sad at his breakup with Nicole too.
Aunt Katy

Sarah said...

I'm going to mirror what my momma said. I think he's a tremendously gifted actor. No qualms there. But when he went on national TV and said that women who suffer from PPD just need some vitamins... That pissed me off. And I don't hate him, I strongly disagree with him. AND have every right to choose not to spend my money to see his film in the theatre. 'nuff said.