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Good work, Toby!

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Labels: ,

Toby's year in Sudan has come to a close and he is now in Nairobi, Kenya. He will spend a few days there prior to arriving back in Kansas City on February 6. I'm so proud of him, and just want to make that public. During his time in Sudan, he led out in the rebuilding of over 15 churches that were destroyed during the civil war; he helped pave the way in rebuilding the primary school in his village and improving the quality of education there; and he assisted in restoring a medical clinic that is now in full operation thanks to his preparations. And those are just the big, practical things. He also made so many good friends--Western aid-workers and Sudanese locals alike. He fended off rats and snakes and floods and malaria and made friends with monkeys and preying mantises. And all the while, he managed to keep in touch with his little ol' girlfriend back in the US with only limited satellite email and occasional phone calls. And he did a great job at that, too.

Here are a few images representing a few different aspects of Toby's life this past year:

-Welding trusses; loading his truck every morning (which is much more of an ordeal than one would imagine).
-Providing for me to fly across the world to see him (3 times!).

-Making great friends with the men he worked with and their families.
-Learning Sudanese Arabic.

-Changing a constant flow of flat tires.
-Getting trucks and tractors out of the mud.

And so much more, these are just some little tidbits. You can view lots of fantastic images of his year there on his flickr site.

So, here's to you, Toby. Congratulations on the completion of your year in Sudan. I am so proud of you, and so happy to welcome you home.


Anonymous said...

Shucks. I sure can't take credit for the school or clinic. I was just the guy that happened to be around at the right times.

I'm so excited to get back, Maureen. I'm hurrying!

louann said...

toby, you ARE awesome. being there at the right times is pretty important, but even then, you could have been there, and still not done anything, but that certainly didn't happen. you have left this area so much better than when you came a year ago. cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maureen and Toby,
I just finished speaking with Grandmother and Grandad. They were wondering if you could give them a call or write them a note. They're thinking you two might visit them sometime in the near future and Grandad says he will need to make some plans.
On another note, Toby, we are going to be so thankful to have you back in this neck of the woods.
It takes a strong person to do all the hard work you have, especially under the working and living conditions you had. We are honored to know you. God is smiling when he thinks of you and the work you have done for Him.
Aunt Katy