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African safari webcams, or "I stole this blog post from Andy"

Posted by Anonymous Monday, January 26, 2009 Labels: , ,

Okay I saw all this on Andy Garlich's blog and just had to post it on mine too. So I've cited him to avoid accusations of blog plagiarism. :)

Check it:

and then:


Both are live feeds of two different wildlife reserves in South Africa. But get this--on the second one, WildEarth.TV, you can watch the live feed of an actual game drive and send in your questions to the safari guide via online chat! And he will answer your question during the live feed! What?! That's incredible! (And this is coming from someone who has already been on a real African safari!) I didn't believe it until I saw the video where Andy actually sent in a question and they answered it right then and there. So cool.


andy g said...

haha - if anyone was going to enjoy that blog post I absolutely knew it was you! Good thing you gave me credit or I would have hunted you down like a lion hunting its prey...once a week according to our personal safari guide.