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Nairobi New Year's Eve

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Labels: , , ,

Well, I'm all upinz Nairobi, alone on New Year's Eve. If fate wouldn't have placed the SP flight on the precise day it did, I could either be 1) back in KC dancing the night away at POC, or 2) still in Nuba, celebrating the evening with Toby and the Germans down the road. But instead, I'll be drinking a small bottle of wine and eating caesar salad in my room at a guest house in Nairobi, channel surfing the TV for whatever American broadcasting I can find. And probably in bed by 10pm. Ha! Oh well, what can you do? I am content. My time with Toby in Sudan was well worth the sacrifice of one night of partying. (Although, last night on Kenyan TV I did see the "Billie Jean" music video and it made me a little jealous of the POCers!)

Today I walked to a nearby shopping center, my first time to venture out into Nairobi alone. It was great--a nice walk and some good time chilling out. One funny thing about Kenyans is they wear their own touristy t-shirts. The shirts you would find at a touristy shop that feature various photos of Kenyan things or that say "Jambo Kenya!" or that have cute Swahili translations on them. Kenyans love those shirts! Whoever is selling them in tourist locations should think twice--the locals are your target market for that.

Another great thing about Nairobi is the matatus, which are the dirty, less safe equivalent of a typical public minibus. The funny part is the exterior decor on the matatus. Across the front windshield of any given matatu, you will find some variation of a graffiti-looking font (e.g. the shattered glass look) and any given number of ridiculous phrases. Here are some of Toby and I's favorites that we saw this time around:


If that's not making a statement, I don't know what is. Who's tough? The guy who has "popsicle" written in dripping blood font across his windshield.

That's it for now--for those of you in the U.S., I'll beat you to 2009 by 9 hours. Take that, partyers!


louann said...
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louann said...

stuntin like your daddy. hilarious!
well, that is something your peeps will never be able to say. "alone in Nairobi on new years eve." You'll remember this night for the rest of your life more than the others. well, maybe not the POC years. but others.

Adam said...

well....you are the first person I have ever known to spend New Year's Eve in Africa. I'm anxious to hear if your trip made any impact on your immigratory prospects.......