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A littley bit about my trip to Sudan

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Upon arrival in Sudan, we spent a few days in Kauda at the main base where Samaritan's Purse operates in the Nuba Mountains, mostly resting. Then we traveled southwesterly to the Moro region, to Toby's base in Korrorak. Now, I thought that Kauda was roughing it until I visited Korrorak. Bloof. I dreaded trips to the latrine. I ate very little. I was perpetually covered in dust. I came down with a condition I call "heat misery" almost daily. We spent most of our time driving from Toby's various worksites. The roads...oh, the roads. 10 inch deep ruts, river beds, driving through dried up creek beds. And the poverty. Bloof. And yet. It was also beautiful. I'm not saying I enjoyed it and can't wait to spend the rest of my life there. But I did see the beauty amidst the hardship. A lot of the beauty came from watching Toby interact with the culture. His Arabic is even better than I thought, and so to watch him converse and go about his duties was beautiful in itself.

One day Toby and I hiked up the mountain nearest his compound. He showed me some abandoned villages from the war--the people who did not flee to Khartoum or neighboring countries moved up into the mountains, where it was easier to hide from the militias and bombers. Toby's dear friend Morris and his family lived up there--far from any water source and with little food and clothes--for 8 years. Morris said many people died of starvation and disease, not to mention the direct impacts of the war. Of course I have studied all of this in school, but to see it with my own eyes was quite surreal.

Morris likes to use the phrase "littley bit." "Move it just a littley bit to the left." "I was just gone for a littley bit." That's fantastic.

After 5 days down in Moro region, I welcomed the day of our return to Kauda, for Christmas. The fellas here in Kauda cooked up a really great Christmas dinner, the food was supplied by SP in Nairobi--they sent it up on the last flight. Its a good thing because I was HUNGRY by 25 December. 5 days down in Moroland about dropped me dead. Heh heh.

Since then we've just been hanging around. Playing some sand volleyball with the Germans from GED (German Emergency Doctors) in the next village over. I've been taking a lot of midday naps in my tent. Yesterday I baked a bit. Handwashed some clothes. Toby and I walked to the market. Other than that, I've mostly been catching up on internet life and reading. I finished a phenomenal novel that Tim K loaned me called "Acts of Faith," a story which actually takes place during the civil war in this very part of Sudan. Very good. Now I'm reading our book club pick of the month, "Suite Francaise," which is based in France during WWII. Sounds like I'm obsessed with war novels, but that's just the way the cards fell this month.

I really missed being at JW for the rest of Advent and especially Christmas Eve. I hope everyone there had a lovely Christmas. Continue to rest in the season.

There are more and more photos going up on my flickr, which you can find by clicking on the picture box on the right hand side of this blog page. It takes a littley bit of time to upload them here, so for now just visit the flickr site if you want to see some.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming over, Maureen. It means an awful lot to me that you've seen this.

jen said...

i miss you!!!! i'm glad your trip has been so great. i love you!!