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Yogurt Parade

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, November 25, 2008 Labels: ,

In preparation for my trip to Sudan, which will inevitably present me with some digestive challenges, I'm trying to eat yogurt. I say "trying" because I have never liked yogurt in my life. It's a texture issue. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of a few yogurt-loving friends, I'm on a yogurt parade, trying all different brands and flavors of yogurt. I think I will post some of my results:

Wallaby Organic Vanilla Bean: Two thumbs up! For the first time in my life (seriously) I DOWNED this cup of yogurt. I couldn't believe how good it was. And even more than vanilla--it actually had a slightly different flavor because of the bean aspect. So good. I wanted more. I was shocked. I should have bought a whole box.

Brown Cow Cream Top Creamy Coffee
: Two thumbs down for flavor on this one! I liked the creaminess though (certainly in this one and the previous, the texture issue is alleviated a bit by the nicer brands of yogurt--they're less slimy and more creamy). However, no matter how hard I tried, there was no coffee flavor to be found. Which was quite a disappointment, because I was really looking forward to it. But I've heard a lot of rave reviews about Brown Cow in general, so I'm going to try again with Vanilla.

Any yogurt recommendations?

Oh and get this. On Saturday I went to the grocery store in Bolivar and found Best Choice yogurt cups on sale for 1 CENT. ONE PENNY! How bout that! And they weren't even nearing expiration. Granted, they're too slimy. But I was still amazed.


kimberly said...

the only kind I like is the yoplait. although their commercials make me very angry. I think it tastes very different than other yogurt. I can handle the texture of it much better. sometimes I forget and try another kind, and I get totally grossed out. but it really does help with the stomach issue.
good luck!

michaela said...

i always get acidophilus pills (pills made out of the bacteria that are in yogurt) at the health food store to take on international trips. they're especially helpful if you end up having to take an antibiotic to help bring back the good stomach bugs...and especially good since you can't always find yogurt abroad.

but i looooovvve yogurt, so i still think you should win yourself over to yogurt. I like plain yogurt which i know can be hard to handle...but i mix it with lots of stuff - fresh chopped fruit, dried fruit (cranberries, cherries), cinammon, sometimes granola/cereal, berries, walnuts etc. etc.

mmm mmm.

Amanda Loughlin said...

Two suggestions: I live on Stoneyfield Vanilla low-fat - not skim. I find the skim yogurts are way slimey. Then, if you're dying for wonderful yogurt goodness, treat yourself to a couple Rachel's Wickedly Delicious (that's the name!) yogurts. A-MAZ-ING. They're so creamy, and the flavors are so crazy: pomegranate acai, lavendar plum, etc. http://www.rachelsdairy.com/ Yogurtlicious!

Anonymous said...

OOH..thanks everyone. I wonder if I can find those ones you mentioned, Amanda, anywhere? Or only at health food grocers or what? I'll look for them though--Lavender plum sure sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Mic, yeah I got some acidophilus pills! Hopefully that will keep me somewhat healthy, b/c there's no yogurt in the bush of Sudan. ;)