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Yogurt Parade II: Yoplait test drive

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, November 29, 2008 Labels:

Okay so this time I went for the classic Yoplait yogurts. Everyone loves Yoplait, and of course you can get it anywhere (as opposed to the previously posted yogurts which are generally found at health food grocers). So far, I'm 50/50 on Yoplait:

Yoplait Light Blueberry Patch: Two Thumbs DOWN! Blech! This stuff tasted like fake blueberry juice mixed with a 20 packages of Equal Sweetener. I mean, I know by getting "Light" then I'm in for it with the fake sweeteners, but still. I had to throw that one out. I couldn't even finish it off.

Yoplait Light Very Vanilla: Two thumbs up here. This tastes like vanilla pudding, which is mostly a good thing. I like pudding. And this one is much more vanilla-y than the Brown Cow Vanilla (which I never blogged about, but it was good, just not a lot more flavorful than plain).

All in all, Wallaby Vanilla Bean still takes the cake. I'm going to go buy a truck load of that stuff next week. Thanks for all the recommendations. Who can know if there will be a Yogurt Parade Volume III?


7K said...

My recipe:

Non-fat plain yogurt

Sugar-free jello (any flavor)

Mix to taste