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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XIII

Posted by Maureen Monday, November 17, 2008 Labels:

I had some really crazy dreams last night. They were all seemingly independent of one another.

In one, I was driving behind a car that had set on fire. Many cars had to go off the road because of it. It created such a traffic jam that everyone just got out of their cars and hung out while waiting for it to clear. Then, when it started to clear and we went back to our cars, I couldn't find mine. At first I thought it was stolen, but then my mom showed up and showed me that it had been "flattened". This was the word I kept using in my dream, as if it were a technical term for the on-road destruction of vehicles by the authorities--it was kind of like the equivalent of being towed. But literally, there it was, just one big flat chunk of black metal. And I went OFF! I was all like "THEY'RE THE ONES WHOSE EFFING CAR CAUGHT ON FIRE!!! I'M JUST AN INNOCENT BYSTANDER! AND I GET MY CAR FLATTENED?!?!" Oh I was on a rampage. I was livid. The funniest thing about this was that I remember that as I started going off about it, I almost said the non-abbreviated version of "F-ing", but then thought my mom probably wouldn't like that, so went with "Effing." You know what that is? Making good decisions even in the heat of the moment. Zam!

So back to the dreams. In another one, I was at the home of a man who was named Muhammed, and was the Muslim equivalent of the Pope or the Dalai Lama. But he wasn't the original Muhammed, he was a modern day guy. And he was pretty nice!

Later, I had this little pet fish that kept flopping out of its water. I fed it a bagel.

Later, I lost one of my bottom teeth. I was carrying it around wondering what I was supposed to do. I couldn't remember if I had lost all my "baby teeth" or not yet, so I still had hopes that maybe it would grow back.

The end.


louann said...

HA HA HA HA Ha ha!

jen said...

haha i love reading about your dreams. so funny!