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Seinfeld Saturday: What a delicious Cuisine-O!

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, October 04, 2008 Labels: , ,

Today's episode of Seinfeld is episode #121, "The Rye". In this episode, a totally ridiculous course of events is set into place when George needs to secretly replace a loaf of rye bread that was given to Susan's parents by the Costanzas, because when the bread wasn't served at dinner, Frank decided to just take it back. The episode involves Kramer borrowing a horse and carriage from a friend to get Susan's parents out of the house, as well as Jerry fighting with an old woman over the rye and eventually sending it up to George on a fishing pole.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find any video of the rye scene on Youtube. But here's a very short clip of Kramer, his horse and the Beef-a-Reeno. If you haven't scene the episode, you can imagine what that led to.