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Maple Leaf 2008

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, October 19, 2008 Labels: , ,

This past weekend I went to Carthage, MO for the annual Maple Leaf Festival. Ever since my sophomore year of college, my friends have congregated here and it continues to be an annual reunion. Now for a quick visual summary of the weekend:

Headed to the parade with the ol' SBU crew.

One of our favorite parts of the parade is the Shriners from all over Missouri.

Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of spending 3 hours in the auto center at WalMart due to popping my tire on a drainage pipe in a driveway. Oof!

Thankfully, I finished up at WalMart in time to make it to the local winery for a glass of my favorite wine in the world (seriously), The Marechal Foche.

Here's Melissa and Dave watching the annual Maple Leaf Marching Band Competition. Congratulations to Lebanon High School of Lebanon, MO for taking the championship once again.

The finale of the weekend involved going to find the "Hornet Spook Light" from about midnight to 3am. This was pretty crazy, even though the light didn't come. There were tons of other people out on the road waiting to see it. You can read about it here. My friends have actually seen it so I believe that its not just an urban legend. And even though I didn't see it, it was still quite a finale to a good weekend at Maple Leaf.


aaron said...

WHAT!!!! I love that you went to see the spook light. I have seen it. In fact it was crazy! We watched it get come at us and then split in two and the closer we tried to get to it the further it went away until it disappeared. Love the spook light! Side note there have been two museums erected for that thing and BOTH burned down killing the owner!!!