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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XII: Egg-Pancake Sandwich

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, October 07, 2008 Labels: , ,

Here's part two and three of the aforementioned three-dream-night.

So after the vodka snowball fight, I had a separate dream where I was hanging out with my friends from church that I eat lunch with every Sunday. We were making pancakes and eating outside. The crazy part here is that in this dream, I was recalling my previous dream and trying to tell all my friends about it. But no one would listen! It was such a cool dream and they wouldn't let me tell it (I guess I didn't have a blog in my dream)! Then John Raux put scrambled eggs in his pancakes, like a sandwich. I thought this was such a brilliant innovation, that I gave up on trying to tell my dream and went back into the kitchen for an egg-pancake sandwich.

Later, my mom and I were making a dessert for some people. All I had was Velveeta cheese and chocolate chips, so I made a dessert out of it and hoped that people wouldn't realize it was cheese. For some reason I thought they would think it was peanut butter. Gross.

Later, I was driving my car. A woman driving a semi behind me starting honking and waving me over. I pulled over to find that the tire had split apart from the wheel, although it still had air in it (what the?). So I took it into a shop and soon found it was put up in the air for the mechanics. Then John Raux reappeared, informing me that his friend who was a mechanic was about to come and fix everyone's cars. It was a favor this friend of his did every so often--all of John's friends could bring their broken cars and this guy would fix them for free. But I was in a debacle--by this point, my tires were in decay, so maybe he would change them for me, but wouldn't I still have to pay $400 for the new tires?! Or...what if this guy was going to also give me new tires?!?! That would be awesome! It was suspenseful. Suddenly a bunch of our friends were there, and the mechanic arrived, and everyone cheered. It was bizarre.

So, this one wasn't quite as awesome as the vodka snowballs, but still worth mentioning.


louann said...

if only..........(except for the chocolate/cheese dessert....)