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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. XI: Vodka snowballs

Posted by Maureen Tuesday, October 07, 2008 Labels: , , ,

Saddle up, because last night's dreams were CA-RAZY! SO ca-razy in fact that I can't even tell them all at once. So here is part 1 of the 3 part dream of the night of 7 October 2008.

I dreamed that I was going to a party at Tim Bridgham's house, and I took with me 2 bottles of beer and one bottle of vodka (I guess we were really going to a party). Upon arriving, I put these drinks in a refrigerator that was outside of his house in some kind of barn, even though the party was inside. At the party, I met Brad Pitt. Angelina was there and I really wanted to meet her too, but she was talking with some others and I didn't want to appear obsessive (even though I am). Later, when I left the party, I realized I had never brought in my drinks and everyone else was gone, so I thought I'd take them home with me.
When I went back to get them, the barn morphed into a commons/public area of a small college campus that I think I attended. Now here's where it gets good. At night, there was men's secret society that met in this forum/union type area, reminiscent of the DaVinci Code's Templars or the Skulls (or some other society that involves a glowing triangle with an eyeball in the middle). They all wore black robes and sat in a circle with candles and chanted really creepy stuff. Everyone knew they met there and that you weren't supposed to intrude. Everyone also knew they were kind of evil, but it was still accepted widely nonetheless. Anyway, I still wanted to retrieve my liquor! But I would have to walk in on their meeting to get it. So, since it was a public space, I figured they couldn't stop me, so I went in, got my stuff out of the fridge and walked out unnoticed..or so I thought.

I was walking across a lawn towards my house and I heard someone following me. One of the secret society guys was chasing me! I shouldn't have come in on their meeting, he told me. I ran. I escaped. Then there was another man. I ran and escaped. Finally, I arrived at my house. But in all the running and escaping, I had lost my drinks. Oh well, at least I had my life. I was sitting with some friends outside, when a woman who I knew to be one of my professors came up. She was livid and she had my vodka! She told me that I was in trouble for going into their meeting and for taking the vodka. I was trying to explain the situation to her, when she began to pour out the vodka on the ground. As it hit the grass, it turned into small piles of snow! Then she began to pick up the snow and peg me with vodka snowballs!!! What the?! I tried to defend myself at first, but then realized my only option was to fight back. The good news is, I am a way better shot than crazy professor woman. I nailed her right in the face with several vodka snowballs and she was hardly hitting me at all. I won.

The end. More to come.


jen said...

that is so funny. i laughed out loud at the vodka snowballs. can't wait for the rest! haha.

rachel said...


Michelle Bridges said...

vodka snowballs. indeed. that's what JPs will do to you. and i'm sorry you missed angelina- i know what she means to you.