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Hate List

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, September 21, 2008 Labels: , , ,

If I had a list of "Things I Hate" (which I don't plan to, as I try to not be so pessimistic), the top two items on the list would be:

1. United Airlines
2. Chicago O'Hare Airport

Just one of these entities independently creates a high probability for flawed air travel. What's more, combine them and they become an inevitably ruinous force. Beware this deadly combination.


Sarah said...

uh! Yes. I had a fun confusing time in Chicago as well when I went to Korea. I hope you're actual time in Sweden was wonderful though!

jen said...

this means you are back? yes! hang out with me!!

7K said...

Glad you're back. Talked to the Tobester ~ seems he may have another bout of malaria. Hm. David Blaine needs to try Toby's Houdini stuff, feats of endurance.

United is trying to survive. Deb and I went to San Diego on Frontier and back on US Airways. Both flights went fine. They charge you now for everything.